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Inside Reykjavík tour
A walking tour around the pond in the center of Reykjavík

A walking tour around the pond in the center of Reykjavík.


The pond ( Tjörnin ) and its surrounding are maybe the heart of Reykjavík


The pond gives the center some quiteness and beauty, you have nature in town. In former time ice was taken from the pond, stored in a icehouse at the pond side ( now the  museum of icelandic art ) to cool down fresh fish. Later the pond was a skating place for all the people of Reykjavík and in summertime it is popular for the parents to take their young children down town to give the birds some bread.

We start the tour at Lækjartorg, that was for tens of years the main traffic squere where all the buses stopped. It was the time before all the privite cars. And the time when all the best shops and all specilists, like doctors and lawers were in
the oldest part of town. We walk along the northen side of Lækjargata. I will tell you some stories of the houses on the way and also stories of the many sculpures we meet . On the
way around the pond we will see over tventy sculptures, some of them made by our most celebrated scupturers, like Einar Jónsson, Ásmundur Sveinsson and Sigurjón Ólafsson.


The tour starts at 10:00 from Lækjartorg tower.

Language , english, scandinavian or icelandic.

Private tour, max seven people per tour

Duration about two hours

Price, Fixed price for the tour ISK 29,500.

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