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The Golden Circle

This is the most popular tour out from Reykjavík. This tour is about 240 km. long and takes about eight hours.


The main stops are Thingvellir ( ca. 50 km. from Reykjavík), where the first parlament of Iceland started the year 930 and was there every summer in June for about two weeks until  the year 1262 when Icelanders became part of Norway. Thingvellir is on the rift where the two tectonic plates of North Amerika and Euroasia meet.


Then it is Geysir ( ca. 110 km. from Reykjavík), the sprouting spring (Strokkur), goes up about every 8 minutes.


The third mainstop is the mighty waterfall Gullfoss (golden waterfall) about 120 km. from Reykjavík. About 100 m3 of cold water falls every second down 33 meters of cliffs. It is magnificent sight.


But there are many other interesting places on the Golden Circle.

I like to stop at Gljúfrasteinn about 20 km. from Reykjavík. It is a beautiful place where our only Nobel price winner in litterateur Halldór Laxness built his home in 1945. Now his house is a museum in beautiful surroundings.


About 90 km. from Reykjavík is Laugarvatn ( bathing lake ) it has modern saunas and a small restaurant. The saunas are directly over a spring, and have different temperatures.


On the way back to Reykjavík, about 90 km. from Reykjavík there is Skálholt. A bishop place that started the year 1056. Skálholt was the main place in Icelaand until big earthquakes destroyed the houses about the year 1790.


Pick up by appointment, Price per group isk 90,000,

max 8  persons, language: English or Scandinavian

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