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The Reykjanes peninsula

When you come from Keflavík airport along the road to Reykjavík, you see lava most of the way. About half of the peninsula is coverd with lava, the youngest one from the year 1221.

The most famous place on Reyjanes is The Blue Lagoon. It is a byproduct of a steampower plant. This tour takes about six hours plus two hours if you take a bath at Blue Lagoon. Our first stop is at Krísuvík ( Seltún ), a lot of colorful boiling hot springs, then we go on to Selatangar, a place at the south shore with old stone huts, where the fishermen kept dried fish. A magnificent place where we get a glimt of the hard life of fishing in former times. At Grindavík we have the Saltfishmuseum of Iceland. Salted cod has played a big role in Icelands economy for many centuries. On we go to the Lighthouse at the toe of the peninsula. On our way back to Reykjavík we can take a look or bath at The Blue Lagoon. Before we come to Grindavík we can take a look at the new lava, just one yeara old.


Duration: 6-8 hours

Pick up: 9:00 or by appointment

Price: Fixed price ISK 70,000, max 1-7 persons

Language : English or Scandinavian

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